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What is a Domain name?

A domain name is an alias that points to a number (an IP address) that identifies your web server on the Internet. This number is called an IP Address. People use names because they are easier to remember than numbers.

What is LK Domain Registry?

The LK Domain Registry is the National Body that registers domain names ending in ".lk".

Why you should register your domain names with LK Domain Registry?

LK Domain Registry is recognized as a very safe place to register your domain. When registering a ".lk " domain, an initial verification process is included prior to register the domain.

How much does it cost to register a ".lk" domain?

A basic domain will cost Rs. Three Thousand (Rs.3000/-) + tax and we also have Second Level domains for lower prices. Please check "Domain Payments" for more details.

How can I get a Domain name?

You can get your desired ".lk" domain names directly from LK Domain Registry website or through officially appointed Resellers, namely ‘Agents’.

  1. Go to
  2. Check your domain name availability in the given search box
  3. If you are searching for a valid name, you can get the status of the domain name
What domain name categories can we get from a valid search?
  • CAT1 - Full Domain Package which includes both searched Top level domain name (CAT2) and Second level (CAT3) domain names.
  • CAT2 - Top Level Domains Only.
  • CAT3 - Second Level Domains Only.
  • CAT4 - Two Letter Domain Names and Premium Domain Names.
  • CAT5 - Three Letter Domain Names and Desirable Domain Names.
How to add domain names to cart?

  1. After you get a valid domain search, by clicking Add button you can add them to the cart
  2. Either you can add full domain package or top level and second level domains individually as you wished.
  3. When you add items, it will shown in Order Summary (cart) as following image
  4. By clicking Add More Domains button in Order Summary you can again search new domain names and can add them to same cart.

After adding Full domain package, do I need to add again, Top level and sub level domains related to that full package?

No, When you add full domain package, System will be automatically added the related top-level and sub domains.

How to remove added domain from cart?

Click on remove button from Order Summary.

How to Add user information for your Domain'?

After you add all the domain names you wish to purchase click on Continue button from Order Summary. If you already logged to the site you will be direct to the Add user information for your Domain page. Otherwise after you login to the system you will get that page.

Add user information for your Domain page include following tabs and you need to continue each tab to finish domain adding process.

  1. HOME

    Include for whom domain will be registered (Default account user name will be displayed). You have to click Continue button to direct next tab.


    From here you can select registrant for your domain. By default registrant is assigned to you, but you can changed it as you wished. Following registrant types will be listed in this tab.

    • Someone else (Individual)
    • User_Email_ID(Personal) - Default selection
    • Another Company / Organization

      After select registrant click on Continue button to direct next tab.

    According to selected registrant in REGISTRANT SELECTION, registrant details will be displayed as follows;

    • When registrant is User_Email_ID(Personal)
      As registrant your E-mail ID and user name will be displayed

    • When registrant is Someone else(Individual)
      When you registering domain for someone else, you can either select existing user by clicking on Find existing button or you can add new user by clicking Add new user button and providing the required details.

    • When registrant is Another Company / Organization
      When you registering domain for Another Company / Organization, you can either select existing company by clicking on Find existing button or you can add new company by clicking Add new user button and providing the required details.

      Add new Organization

      After fill registrant details click on Continue button to direct next tab.


    Here you need to fill technical contact details

    • As technical either you can search existing user by clicking "Find existing" button or you can add new user by clicking 'Add new user' button.
    • Finally checked the "I accept the Terms and Conditions" check box and click on "Finish" button to complete the domain request.

Maximun 10 entries will display in Domains. To access these information logged user should be a registrant, admin, billing or technical of the domain.

As marked in image using action column icons, following action can be performed by each users.

  1. View Details- registrant, admin, billing or technical of the domain can view domain details.
  2. Edit Records- admin, technical or registrant are eligible for edit technical details.
  3. Payment- billing user can access the payment screen.

How can I change domain roles?

  1. Go to Domains and click on View details icon as shown in previous image.
  2. From directed screen click on Domain Roles tab.
  3. Select the role you want to change ( Eg: Change domain admin, change technical, change billing).
  4. Enter the email address that you want to applied for the selected role.
  5. Finally click on Request button.
How to view requested role changes?

  1. Your request is sent to homemaster and you can view the request in Role change Request (Domains -> Role change request) tab.
  2. If the admin status is Approved homemaster has been changed your requested Email address.
  3. If it is pending request is still in progress.
How do you decide whether to accept or reject a domain name?

  1. If your domain is your registered company name, some abbreviation or part of the trademark, it will not be rejected.
  2. If the domain is confusingly similar to an existing domain or if it causes any confusion among general public, it will be rejected.
  3. If you realize that we have made an error, then you can give further reasons for selecting the domain. These will be forwarded to a panel who will decide the merits of the application.
  4. Some domains have already been reserved such as names of towns, names of government organizations, etc and therefore such domain requests will also be rejected.
Are there any restriction on the types of domain names that I can register?

LK Domain Registry retains the ultimate discretion to reject or refuse the type of domains mentioned below;

  • Names, which are offensive to any person or group of people
  • Any name, which could be claimed by a particular organization( eg: temple, mosque, church, etc)
  • Names, which are contaty to puvlic interest or order, national harmony, or offend good taste or decency, religious beliefs or any other social objectives.
Will registrants be bound by any agreements with the LK Domain Registry or agents?

Yes, registrants will be bound by the agreement (Registrant Agreement) with the registry (LK DOMAIN REGISTRY) upon approval of the domain name. This agreement will be amended from time to time.

In addition, if you register through an agent, there may be an agreement between the Agent and the Registrant, to which LK Domain Registry is not responsible.

Will there be any limit to the number of domains that I can register with the LK Domain Registry?

You can apply for any number of domain names as long as you are eligible for that domain name.

What is the maximum number of years a domain name can be registered with the registry?

Can registered domain names for a period of 1, 2, 5 or 10 years

Can I transfer my domain name to another registrant?

In general, LK Domain Registry will not allow to transfer domain name to another registrant. The change of registrant can only be done if the entire business has been transferred to another organization or in the name of the organization has been changed. Please contact LK Domain Registry for more information.

Can I Contact the LK Domain Registry for help, if I encounter registration issue with my agent?

Yes, you can contact LK Domain Registry, If you haven't get any satisfactory response or solution from LK Domain Registry's registered agents. However, it is advisable for the registrants to resolve the problem with the agent first as both parties bounded by a commercial agreement signed between each other.

Is it necessary to create an Account in LK Domain Registry?

To purchase your domain names you need to have an account.

How to create an account in LK Domain Registry?

Most customers create a LK Domain Registry account during the checkout process. However, you can also create a new account without any domain names in it.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create an Account and then you will navigate to the Register page.
  3. Fill the details and click on Register button.
Can I use my Facebook Account to login the LK Domain Registry?

Yes, you can use your Facebook account E-mail ID and Password to Register/Login to the LK Domain registry.

Is it necessary to activate my LK Domain Registry Account?

Yes, after you create and activate your account your Dashboard will be display as follows;

When you click on Domains button from Dashboard, you will be directed to a page which include your entire domain list and claim domain options.
Note: If the customer email address is not verified customer will be directed to the email verification interface without directing to the dashboard.

How to Activate my LK Domain Registry Account?

After you complete the account sign up, you will be receive a confirmation E-mail to verify your E-mail address.

How to reset my account password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it clicking "Reset/Forgot Password" button in the "My Account" login page.

What are the profile details that I can edit after create an account?

You can edit the profile details that you have provided, when creating the account. Such as My profile, contact details, Address, security details and social logins.

How to change profile details?

  1. Go to Dashboard and click on My Profile button.
  2. From the directed screen edit your profile details and click on Save button.
What is Order Reference Number?

Order Reference Number is the one that you are using to do a payment for domain registration or renewals.

Where can I find my Order Reference number?

  1. Go to Payments
  2. Then click on My Order References tab
  3. You can find your Order Reference Numbers for domain registration or renewals
How to generate Order Reference for Domain registration or Renewals?

When request new domain or when you receive a renewal notice for existing domain by default you will get an Order Reference Number for payment of 1 year. If you want to edit the order, you need to CANCEL the order from My Order References tab and need to create a new order. Steps to be followed;

Step 1

  1. Go to Domains from user control panel home.
  2. Select the domains that you want to pay.
  3. Click on Pay For Selected Domain(s) button, and then you will be directed to Pay for Selected screen.
  4. Using drop down button select a plan for how many years that you are going to pay.
  5. If you want add more domains or select different domain to pay, click Back button.
  6. If you want to proceed click Complete Your Order button.

Step 2

  1. After completing your order, you will get summary of the order on the Pay for Selected screen.
  2. To confirm orders check the accept check boxes and click on Continoue button.
  3. After confirm your order order reference number will display on the Pay for Selected screen. This number only be valid for 60 days. And this screen will also include following payment methods,
  • Pay by Credit card
  • Pay by Ez cash
  • Pay by Sampath Vishwa
  • Pay Later

Note:You can do a payment after selecting those online payment methods. By clicking Pay Later button your order will be added to pending payments list and that will be include in My Order Reference screen.

What are the actions that can be perform through 'My Order References' screen?

Following Action side payment options can be perform through My Order References screen;

When I did my payment to the bank, How to inform it to the LK Domain Registry?

  1. Go to Domains and click on My Order References tab.
  2. Click on Inform Payment (Non-online) icon from Payment Options.
  3. Fill the required information and click on Inform Payments button.
How to download invoice?

  1. Go to Payments and click on Payment History tab.
  2. After your payment is accepted, you can download your invoice from Payment History tab.
What is "On-time renewal bonus" means?

If you renew your domains on-time you will get 10% bonus.

What are the eligibility for receiving Bonus for On-time renewals?

  1. Only for renewal domains.
  2. All customers - Direct Users / Agents/ Corporates are eligible.
  3. Customer payment must have been completed on/before expiry of the domain.
  4. Should receive valid payment, through Online/Offline Payments.
  5. If there are multiple domains in the Order and if it has any expired domains, the domains which are not expired are eligible to receive the On-time Renewal Bonus.
When registering domain name through agents, Will I have to make payment to LK Domain Registry?

No, when registering domain through agents, LK Domain Registry directly not be charging from registrants. All the payments need to be done to the agent.

Will all the agents charges the same fee for domain names?

It is unlikely for agents to charge the same fee as they will be offering their services on a competitive basis. Their fee will also depend on whether it includes other value added services such as website hosting and email hosting services.

How to do a Payments for Domain Registration or Renewals?

After you generate or get your default order reference number, go to Payments and then click on My Order References tab. You can find your Order Reference Number there. You have to do a payment using this Order Reference Number.

From this page you can do a payment for your domains either using online payment methods (Pay by Credit card, Pay by Ez cash, Pay by Sampath Vishwa, Pay by MCash) or if you did your payment to the bank using cash deposit, cheque deposit you can inform it to the LK Domain Registry by clicking Inform Payment button.

How to add/edit technical records (DNS)?

  1. You can either add/edit Name Server records to the domain or add/edit Resource records to the server.
  2. Go to DomainSs and click on Edit Records button.
  3. From directed page you will get drop down list to select which type of records (Name Server/Resource Record) you want to add/edit. By default Name Server will be selected.
  4. Please refer for name server and resource records.
  5. For more information please contact LK Domain Registry.
How to claim the ownership?

Customers can claim the domains which is not listed under Domains.

  1. Go to Domain Interest and click on Claim Admin Ownership tab.
  2. Enter the Domain Name and select domain type (Eg: .lk,,,,
  3. Enter the email address used for registering the domain.
  4. Finally click on Request button.